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We Are a Strategic Alliance ofAsset Building & Protection Professionals

Planning & Building
For Black Families.

November 9 – November 11, 2023

Creating a Legacy Conference

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Advocates and Agents of Black Asset Creation & Protection.

The Association of Black Estate Planning Professionals, Inc., (ABEPP) is a nonprofit organization committed to educating and empowering financial professionals and the community to the strategically collaborate and economically transform the Black community.

Our Focus is on Maintaining and Growing Black Wealth.

At ABEPP, The Association of Black Estate Planning Professionals, our ultimate focus is helping African American Professionals and Families to build and maintain financial security.

Although there are more successful and wealthy Black Business Professionals and Black-Owned Businesses today than in any previous generation, we still recognize and understand that Black wealth has not been accumulating at the same pace as many other groups. That is why we aim to provide a comprehensive array of tools and resources to help Black Business Professionals and Families to secure their financial futures.

Through informative webinars and special events, tailored to the specific needs of The Black Community, our organization provides a space where Black Business Professionals can network and build wealth for themselves, their families, and their respective communities.

Our dedicated team of experts provides access to the educational materials necessary for developing a secure economic infrastructure that allows Black families to create long-term success for generations to come.

What’s in it for you?

Plenty, but we don’t expect you to believe us until you take a good look at what ABEPP®
and our network of professionals and partnerships can offer you.


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